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If after reading our FAQ, you have additional questions, please contact us.

Printing Problems?
Sometimes your printer may not print the images exactly as you see them on your computer screen. The easiest thing to do is adjust the printout in “Print Preview” mode on your computer. You can also right click the image and paste it into any Word Document for simple printing. If you are still having problems we recommend trying our site in a new browser (Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer).

Can I Submit a Special Request?
Absolutely. We love to receive special requests. Please contact us here with your request.

Do you own all of your images?
We actually are more like a library of free coloring pages. We receive recommendations, partner with other sites, draw our own, create our own, buy others etc. and offer our free coloring pages for free because we know it’s fun for children, teachers, parents to color. It’s just a good time and we love it.

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